Genealogy Pants

genpantslogo4You might ask: “Genealogy Pants?” This is like calling someone “fancy pants” or “smarty pants” … you know “Genealogy Pants!” I have a quirky sense of humor and worked for a long time trying to find a NAME for my business that wasn’t just my name or some variation on ‘trees,’ ‘roots’ or ‘ancestors.’

I specialize in researching FAMILY LEGENDS. Were you told you were related to Davy Crockett, Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James, Roy Rogers (as is my case) or some other figure in American History? I have been researching family legends from the beginning of my genealogy career and have written articles and resource materials on the topic.

My personal purpose in pursuing genealogical research is to discover my past, and preserve my family’s history and stories. Beyond that, I share my passion for genealogy with the next generations through education, inspiration and above all, making it fun to learn about their heritage and connection to history. This is a great place to learn more about my genealogical programs, personal research progress, read my blog, find my bio and credentials, and general information about my genealogical services.